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in the French Ardennes, nearby Vouziers
Marque Ardenne
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Welcome in Argonne area

Argonne is an eden for walkers. You can visit the area by cycling, riding or of course footing. (Click here to see the map of the area)
In the middle of this countryside, the new touristic center (interpretive center on the nature) called “Nocturnia” will help you to find out the secret nature… by night. (Click here to see our selection of sites)
Land of forests and ponds, hunting and fishing, Argonne will give you the best : wild boars, does, deers, pikes ; cherries, mirabelle plums, apples, vegetables from the garden, mushrooms ; honey and traditional jams, regional ciders, artisanal beers, vines from Côtes de Meuse…
Argonne is also an historical country where you will be able to follow the black berlin used by Louis XVI to escape when he was arrested in Varennes.

Nearby big towns (Reims, Sedan, Verdun) but very quiet, Argonne is a preserved refuge where the nature offers tranquility.

The purity of the night sky in Grandpre allows an interesting observation of the celestial dome : below are a few pictures taken here by amateur astronomers, using a telescope.

Andromeda Saturn Orion
Click here to see the Andromeda galaxy Saturn and its rings Click here to see Orion

We suggest below a few goals for walking or activities:

Site / Museum / Activity

 Place, Distance

Websites, Schedules …
Interpretive center on the nature

Olizy, 7 km
Interpretive center on the nature

Click here to learn more

Argonne Museum
Arrest of Louis XIV

Varennes in Argonne, 21 km
Argonne Museum in Varenne
Click here to learn more
The Sedan castle

 Sedan, 60 km

Click here to learn more
The puppets festival in Charleville

 On 2003, 2006 …

Click here to learn more
The Bairon lake Le Chesne, 24 km
 The Bairon lake
Click here to learn more
Vouziers (subprefecture)
swimming pool, cinema…

Vouziers, 17 km

Click here to visit the website of the Vouziers City
Hiking footpath GR 14  From Bouillon to Bar Le Duc  
Grandpré and Vouziers Dun on Meuse Monthois and Ville-Sur-Tourbes Varennes

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Grandpré and Argonne map

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Grandpré and Argonne map

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